Why this blog?

I’m a dad. And I enjoy watching movies with my kids. Like most little ones, they have their favorites and we watch them over and over. Mostly Disney right now. Most of the stories, characters and songs are great, but there are some plot holes that make me ask questions…questions that my wife claims are me just ‘reading too much into it’ but I don’t think I am. Maybe everyone else is just not reading into it enough. And they all have these unanswered questions…except for the Toy Story movies…those are all awesome and I refuse to hear anything to the contrary. So I created this blog in the hopes of finding like-minded people who think about this stuff way too much too.

Feel free to reach out with questions/comments to me on twitter @kmaxwell.


  1. I have found your posts, and I love reading all of them. You make very valid points, many of which I have not noticed. Disney is amazing, but we love to be analytical. Great Job!

    1. Those are pretty funny. I have thought about a reality show that puts all the prince and princesses in one house…and they have to do challenges and vote people off…like Survivor.

  2. Hi, just wanted to say that I love your blog. I have always been interested in conspiracy theories and reading between the lines and looking beyond the things that have always just been expected and start asking questions. It often reveals things you never realized could be possible, but are. Thanks for coming around on my end.

    1. Thanks Matt. Glad you enjoy my crazy. Sometimes I do feel like the insane blogger sitting in the room with maps and new clippings typing these posts as I wear my tin foil hat…keep up the good stuff on your end as well!!

  3. interesting… too much into it, maybe, but that triggers one’s imagination and leave us wondering about the “what if?” which is always nice to wonder about (specially for a Libra like me…) I’ll be back…

    Happy New Year and Happy New Wonderings!

  4. Hey there,

    Nope you’re not reading too much. I also think of these things after watching Disney films many times over. And I’m a Disney fan. Nothing wrong with challenging the plot holes or what-not. I write about Disney on my blog as well, do check out, and I really enjoy your posts!

    A Disney fan from Asia.

  5. Here’s a question that’s been on my mind because my 4 year old insists on watching this movie over and over and over and over and over and over (you get it, I know), not sure how familiar you are with the Tinkerbell movies but….

    Pirate Fairy Movie:
    Zarina is banned from being a dust keeper fairy after tampering with the fairy dust. So she steals the blue dust that apparently the fairies need to make regular dust that makes them fly. I have 3 problems with this:

    1. They ban her from using her God-given talent because they are afraid of her thinking outside the box. Yet she originally was following instructions from failed experiments in a book written by some fairy in the past. Obviously someone else had been allowed to try to make different colored dust, why not her, too? But nope, not allowed to be a dust-keeper anymore. AND then they welcome her back with open arms at the end when they realize that she’s done something amazing that no one else has ever done. Nice lesson: do exactly what we say otherwise you will be punished for life. But defy us and prove us wrong and you’re our hero. Hmm…

    2. If that little vile of blue dust is the only supply they have, wouldn’t they eventually run out?

    3. Zarina came up with a way to create different colors of dust that can give a fairy a specific talent (water fairy, light fairy, animal fairy, fast flying, etc.) then what is the point of the whole ceremony when a fairy is born of them figuring out their talent, and why keep the different kinds of fairies segregated if any fairy could technically now be given any talent with man-made dust?

    Obviously I’ve had way too much time to think about this movie that I YAY! get to watch at least twice a day ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I reaaally really like your blog! I just discovered it and am extremely disappointed that you’re planning on ending it!

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