Who’s running this place?

They were both so young when their parents died. I don’t think Elsa could have been more than 10 or 11. From that time until her coronation, Elsa was not running the country. Neither was Anna for that matter. While this character is never shown, there was most certainly a regent in charge of running the affairs of the Kingdom until Elsa was of age. This is all well and good and everything is copacetic with me until Elsa abdicates her recently coronated throne for a newly constructed fortress of solitude. It’s at this point that the throne would logically return to the regent until Anna became of age the same way it did for her sister. This is not the case. Anna, who is much more immature than her sister, somehow assumes control of the kingdom along with her random love interest from the Southern Isles. No one seems to be too upset about it either. Granted they are dealing with the realization their Queen is an ice witch, but still, that’s why they are paid the big bucks right? And then, when Anna decides to head out alone to find her AWOL sister, she hands over the throne, which wasn’t hers to give in the first place, to an unknown outsider. And again, no one bats an eye. So, are we to believe that if Elsa and Anna would have never returned to the castle, Hans would have been the new King? That doesn’t even make sense. But even he doesn’t even stick. He grabs some men and heads out but doesn’t publicly put anyone in charge. So while he is gone, who is running the show? That random group of guys that we later see fully accept that Han and Anna were secretly married before she died? An event in which they apparently don’t need a see a body to believe even occurred? You know, it seems to me that this ‘eternal winter’ is the least of this country’s problems.

Here is a question that I had and also GlueStick Mum shared in the comments of my last post. I think when you watch the scene of Elsa’s imprisonment, we assume that the manacles that adorn her hands were created by Hans. But there just isn’t time for these to be made. So who made them? While I have defended her father in the past, I can’t help but think that he had these secretly made as a last resort. Actually, scratch that. It was probably the trolls…I really think this was still all their fault.


Image Credit:  disney.wikia.com


  1. Oh my! Now my head will be spinning even more every time I’m forced to watch. Who WAS in charge?!
    Either the trolls had done some mind-bending magic (although I’m still convinced they genuinely try to do the right thing, but would have been better if they’d cut all the cryptic bollocks and just said what needed to happen)…or it was the rotund servant who seemed to have his finger in many many pies at the castle. Actually, thinking about it, I bet HE had the manacles made! He’d have DEFINITELY have known about the magic.
    OR, the priest! Who liked the power of entire leadership way too much, which was why he insisted on Elsa removing the gloves at her ceremony, even though there seemed no reason to.
    Thank you for raising my question. And for providing me with more!

  2. I did some digging on this and found this answer.

    “Within the context of the film, no answer is explicitly given, but all evidence points to Elsa having ruled during this time. There is no reference made by anyone to the idea that anything will change because of the coronation, which would almost certainly be a discussion topic if Elsa were only starting her rule after the coronation. Additionally, had there been a regency in place until the coronation, it would have come back in effect when Elsa left – Anna is several years younger than Elsa and if age restrictions on rule were in place, Anna wouldn’t meet them. Instead, rule goes from Elsa to Anna to a regent Anna personally appoints, which points to Elsa being old enough to be queen.

    This leads to the obvious question of why the coronation was delayed three years, and again, there’s no explicit reason given in the film; however, it would be in keeping with Elsa’s behavior if she’d been the one delaying it for as long as possible for fear of not being able to control her powers in public.”

    Here’s the link… http://www.quora.com/Frozen-2013-movie/Who-ruled-Arendelle-before-Elsas-coronation

  3. Elsa was 18 and Anna was 15 when their parents died. Coronation is 3 years later, when Elsa is 21 and Anna 18. I think it’s likely that 18 Elsa ruled the kingdom by herself, and Anna is old enough to do so too after Elsa has run off.

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