My Final Question…

So this has really been cathartic. I’m serious. Writing this blog has given me a chance to get a lot of the crazy out of my head and release it into the world. Not sure the world is better for it but I know I am. When I started this blog a year ago I wasn’t sure how it would go. I was pleasantly surprised by the response. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read, like, comment or share my posts. I hope that they brought at least a little smile to your day and maybe made you think about these movies in a different light.

I definitely have not exhausted all of the questions about Disney that I have rattling around in my head. But, being a dad with young kids and having a full-time job, my free time is at a premium. I really enjoy writing this blog but am honestly ready for a new creative outlet. If that ends up being something online, I will definitely share with you all in case you are interested.

So I was thinking about what question I would write about for my final post. Lots of them came to mind like ‘why did Mother Gothel turn into dust when she fell out the window’ or ‘why doesn’t Mickey ever put on a shirt?’ But instead I thought, why not ask you? What are the burning questions you didn’t get addressed on my blog? Leave a comment and let’s keep chatting.

Thanks again.

Just a Dad with Disney Questions (aka @kmaxwell)

2015-03-29 08.02.57-1

This is me with my two little ones watchin’ Disney…


  1. You’re ending your blog? I’ve just discovered it, you. I wish you joy and happiness with your children. Please visit my blog, The Mature Mouse. At 57, I’m just getting started.

  2. Alas, running a blog and also fulfilling the rest of our responsibilities are not always compatible. I hope you have future creative endeavors to share, and you might pass on the wisdom of your questions to your children.

  3. It was great reading your blog and seeing other people having the same burning questions as myself. I’m sure to return when I think of more burning questions I’d love to discuss. 🙂

  4. Ugh why did you stop writing this!
    It was so amazing!
    Please check out my blog too.. It’s all about Disney!


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