We didn’t start the fire, but why did he? [Big Hero 6 Spoilers]

Can’t believe this is my second to last post…time flies. As I mentioned before my last post will be published on Monday, March 30!

[READER’S NOTE: If you haven’t seen Big Hero 6 and plan to, you probably want to stop reading this post because it contains some spoilers. Ok, you’ve been warned.] 


His motives seem to be understandable. He lost his daughter and his grief has moved him to seek revenge on the person he believes is ultimately responsible. Ok, sure. I get it. I’m a dad and I could definitely see having similar thoughts if I was in that situation. However, the way Professor Robert Callaghan goes about enacting his vengeance just doesn’t make much sense to me. The whole I’m gonna destroy everything you care about and am willing to kill any and everyone that gets in my way’ seems a little on the dramatic side but hey, points for creativity. But the biggest question I have is what was the point of starting the fire at the science exhibition? The official answer is he was doing that to create a distraction in order to steal Hiro’s microbots…but was that really necessary? He had already won the initial battle again Krei by getting Hiro to further develop them at his school instead of selling the technology. So why not just wait until Hiro was enrolled and steal them from the school when no one was around? Or better yet, why not just steal them later that night? I am sure he had a key to the science hall and Hiro had left them there anyway to head home to party with his friends and family. Callaghan had infinite opportunities in the very near future. And he hadn’t planned for the fire to get out of control and have to fake his death either so that isn’t a valid reason. But then again, he later dresses up in a Kabuki mask and takes long random walks across harbors so I guess you could chalk this one up to ‘one too many hits with the snake.’

And here is a bonus question, why wasn’t Callaghan more excited that his daughter was found alive? He thought she had died and his sole purpose in life was avenging her. Then, when he finds out she is alive and sees her for the first time, he hangs his head in shame?!? Huh? I get him being disappointed in himself but I know I would be out of my mind excited that she was alive instead of being sad about the bad choices I made. Surely he knows that he will have plenty of time in jail to think about those decisions later…


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      1. There is a small time-skip. He might have been elated, but we didn’t get to see it, because we got to see a few moments later when the police and the medics are already there.

  1. I guess I will have to rewatch it but I didn’t get the impression on first sit through that Hiro going to his program was a done deal. I thought he didn’t get his way so as last resort he created a distraction and stole the stuff because he wasn’t going to get it through discussion. Are they supposed to have days of debate and when Hiro finally refuses he burns the school down and takes the stuff? He took the opportunity when it came as I saw it. Who knows when the microbots would be back in his grasp again?

    Anyway, interesting point . Will have to check it out again.

    1. Yeah. Just watched it again. He hands Hiro a letter and says ‘I’ll see you in class.’ and Hiro walks out triumphantly to celebrate with his friends. He is definitely in. And all he needed to steal was one and the helmet…he ended up making the rest….fire was overkill in my eyes.

      1. Yeah I guess it’s a unique way of thinking that I don’t really relate too but glad you’ve found an outlet.

  2. I *think* the reason the storyline went in that direction is because this movie is made to be like a mixture of Japanese anime’ and an American hero-type cartoon. I don’t believe the adults in anime’ often show the emotions we as Americans would expect to see. That my hypothesis, lol. 🙂

  3. I don’t believe it says he started the fire but he does use the microbots to protect himself. Does it explicitly say he started the fire? Otherwise that could be the premise of the second movie….idk just floating ideas around

      1. Just watched it again. Crey does not admit to the fire. Hiro: the fire you were dead. Crey: no, I used your microbots to escape. Hiro: but tadashi died trying to save you. Crey: that’s his won fault. Crey may not have started the fire as you said it doesn’t make sense he would have ample opportunity any number of experiments could have started the fire. Crey could have just taken advantage of everyone thinking he is gone. And if he did cause it he may have done it for the same reason. Because if everyone though he was dead he could dedicate all his time for revenge and nobody would ask questions or suspect a thing. And his reaction to Abigail was slightly happy when he found out she was alive but quickly overwrought with guilt for everything he had done essentially being for nothing. His revenge all of it.. Pointless he believed her dead and pple died as a result. Still I’m interested to know what the animators have cooked up for the sequel(we all know there’s gonna b one)

        1. Hmmm. I need to watch it again. There is no justification for Hiro to be mad enough at Crey to kill him if he wasn’t responsible for the fire though. If Crey used the microbots to save himself from a fire he didn’t commit, it would be ok as he was just trying to save himself. I need to watch it again…someone says he stated the fire or at least it is strongly implied. Thanks for the follow up.

          1. Hiro may have made an assumption that coupled with his age (immaturity) and the proffesor lack of empathy for tadashi left him furious ik it would make me made if someone who knew a family wrote them off without a though after their death

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