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Won’t Get Tangled Up in Frozen?

I’m sure by now you’ve seen that both Eugene (aka Flynn) & Rapunzel (from Tangled) visited the Kingdom of Arendelle for Elsa’s Coronation in the movie Frozen. The same coronation in which Elsa freaks out and freezes the whole kingdom trapping all the guests until she returns to fix everything.


I realize this is a little ‘easter egg’ that Disney added for fun but two things strike me as a little funny with this short, unassuming entrance. The first is that Rapunzel isn’t wearing her crown or even a very princess-y dress. We all know that Rapunzel is not one to flout her princess status, but when visiting a foreign kingdom for a royal event, a ball gown & crown should be customary, right? At least Eugene has something on that appears a little more formal than usual. And secondly, they are simply walking in with the masses. Even if they were the most unassuming royalty in all the Kingdoms, Elsa’s staff must have dropped the ball by not announcing The Fitzherbert’s entrance (do you think she took his last name?)…I mean, that’s what you do for royalty, right? They get announced everywhere they go. But that’s not what really gets my snow-goat about this situation.

During the whole Frozen crisis, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is placed in charge and is seen passing out blankets and food to keep everyone safe while Anna goes alone to the mountains on the search for the queen. But where are Eugene and Rapunzel? I find it hard to believe that they would sail all the way to this event and leave before the party was even in full swing. Which is when they would have had to leave in order to get out before Elsa goes all ice-happy and freezes the kingdom. Granted, you don’t see them anywhere at either the actual Coronation ceremony or the after party, but I refuse to believe that they are such horrible guests to leave that early. They had to have stayed…so what the crap are they doing this whole time? Why aren’t they helping Prince Hans? We’ve seen the way that Rapunzel is with the people in her kingdom, but she doesn’t want to lift a finger to help another that’s in trouble? I do concede that this situation is a lot bigger than a mean step-mom kidnapper or twins that are bent on revenge, so they may have felt a little out of their league. But if Elsa & Anna’s parent’s died on the way to Eugene & Rapunzel’s wedding (see theory here), don’t you think that they owe it to them to help? I do…what about you?


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Enchantress: Beautiful or Terrible?

When anyone asks who the villain of Beauty and the Beast is, the first and most obvious answer is Gaston. But is it really him? Certainly he is a self-absorbed, chauvinist pig who uses the loose legal standards of his time to his own advantages, but I just don’t think he is the main bad guy. Who is? The beautiful Enchantress of course. Now, this character is not technically in the movie save for a few stained glass images of her featured at the opening of the movie. How could she be the villain if she isn’t even in the story? Well let’s take a look.

beautiful enchantress beauty & the beast
There is a lot of this story that is told during the voice-over prologue. The Pre-Beast Prince is cursed because he refuses to board a beautiful Enchantress who is disguised as a homeless beggar trying to pay her way with a rose. Looking at just that from the outside, I think the he made a sound decision from the facts presented to him. To me she sounds crazy and does not have the makings of a good house guest.

But it’s when you understand the timeline of the story and see that the Prince was only roughly 11 years old when this went down that you really start to see the Enchantress for who she is. (Ref: The rose he received post-curse would bloom till his 21st year & per Lumiere they had been ‘rusting’ for 10 years when Belle first arrives.) Now I don’t know why the 11 year old prince is answering the door for strangers, but I do know boys that age do not always make the soundest of decisions. It seems like a potential lifetime curse for him and hundreds of servants may not be the proper punishment for this crime. Who made this Enchantress judge & jury anyway? And the whole set up seems to be weighted against the Prince…almost like she wanted him to fail so she could show how powerful she was. If she cared so much about the Prince’s heart, where was she when the curse was broken. Shouldn’t she have been there congratulating him at the ball?

So I ask you, who is the true villain? Gaston, who takes his crush a little too far or the beautiful terrible Enchantress who curses hundreds of people because a prepubescent child makes a poor decision. I say the latter. What do you say?


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Powerful Trident?

You have the power to control the seas, wind & air with it. You can summon terrible storms, command lightening bolts and raise sunken ships in a giant spinning whirlpool with it. You can even sign your freaking name with it! With King Triton’s Trident in your possession, you are arguably one of the most powerful beings on earth. Yet, even with all that power, there is one fatal weakness. Something that even the most powerful being on earth cannot supersede. And like Superman with Kryptonite, the nearly unstoppable King Triton is brought to his knees…or fins as it were…by–a legal document.

little mermaid question

Wait, what? I know. I thought the same thing. Remember the scene when Triton confronts Ursula telling her to let Ariel go? When she refuses and shows him the contract, he immediately tried to destroy it with a lightening bolt. Only to have his assault thwarted by not Ursula but the contract itself.

So, we are to believe that the Trident which is the source of such amazing power is unable to destroy a piece of paper because it is ‘legal?’ Seriously? Then I thought, maybe it’s enchanted with some sort of magic that is immune to the powerful fork? It is possible, but let’s consider Ursula’s response when the lightening bolt fails to destroy the document. She says, ‘You see. The contract is legal, binding & completely unbreakable. Even for you.’ If it was a spell, surely she would have said something like ‘Ha! This is more powerful magic than even your trident!’ But she didn’t.

And did you see Triton’s face when she reveals the alleged legality of the document? Triton is crushed and he just gives up. Throws in the towel. As a dad, this raises many other questions…but we will discuss that in a later post. You would think that the King of the Sea would have counsel on retainer to handle legal seafood matters like this. I mean, I thought all sharks were lawyers…or was that the other way around…

So, we have we learned today? No matter how powerful you think you are, you are never above the law.

I wonder if this was a line that got cut from the original movie: ‘You tell Triton the law is coming. You tell him Ursula is coming. And hell is coming with me!’


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