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Put ’em together and what have you got?

So this is my 45th post on this blog. When I came up with this idea a little over a year ago, I thought I might be able to come up with enough questions to last at least six months. I have had a lot of fun sharing my crazy and finding that there are a lot of other people out there that think the same way I do…not sure that is a good thing actually. That said, I believe that I am going to bring this blog close. I have a few more posts ready to go but plan to launch my last post on my 35th birthday, March 30. Ok, enough about that. On to today’s question…

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Do ends justify the means? I think in most scenarios we verbally disagree but when the outcome is favorable, we tend to overlook what it took to get us there. I think this is the case in Cinderella. We see Cinderella and the Prince living happily ever after and feel pretty darn good about it all. And I am sure that the Fairy Godmother would point to that fact and say that she had done her job properly. But did she? Did she really?

Cinderella’s life up to the point she encountered the lady in question had been anything but a fairy tale. She was already being raised by a single father when she is thrust into a less than happy mixed family. Shortly after she loses her father and becomes for all intents and purposes a slave to a tyrannical step-mother and step-sisters. While we don’t know how long this went on, it appears that this occurred for quite some time.  I’ll hazard a guess and say around 10 years.

And all this time Cinderella takes it in stride. It’s not like there is someone out there that could come in and take her out of this horrible situation. No one with magical powers that could magically free her from her captors or at least change some random objects into a means of escape. Oh, wait….there is! Enter the Fairy Godmother. I bet she will have a plan to save her charge. I mean, that’s what she is there for right? So, what’s the plan FG? What? Ok, let me get this straight. Your plan is to make her a pretty dress, horribly uncomfortable shoes and call her an Uber so she can get to a party? And then what? That’s it? That’s your contribution? And when a persistent prince and industrious mice save the day, you can smile and think ‘job well done?’ Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for me. If I had my druthers, I would get her bibbity bobbity booted out of the Fairy Godmother Academy.


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Why did she choose glass?

Now this just makes no sense to me. Absolutely no sense. I mean, I’m a dad so I don’t have much experience with wearing female footwear, but even I know that shoes made out of glass are an absolutely terrible proposition. And not just shoes; heels! Which according to my wife are horrible when they aren’t made out of a completely unmalleable material.  Cinderella-disneyscreencapsAnd Ms. Cinderella doesn’t just have to walk in these, she has to dance for hours followed by a little light running. She spends at least 5-6 hours in these things. Was this the Fairy Godmother’s first day on the job? There are few materials that could have been chosen more uncomfortable to wear than glass. I guess it does make the whole idea a little more plausible that Prince Charming would be able to find Cinderella with the heel left behind. He would just have to look for a girl who’s feet were bloody & bruised and who most likely won’t be able to stand up for the next 1 to 2 weeks.


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Image Credit: disney.wikia.com