Should Merryweather’s Name Have Been FairWeather?

In the past I have given King Stefan a pretty hard time about his decisions regarding his daughter. And while I still believe he made some less than desirable choices, there is another person who seems to get off scot-free when it comes to accountability for their actions: Merryweather the Blue Fairy.

I think we can all agree that Merryweather is probably the most cantankerous of the three fairies. She is abrasive and is often given to fits of complaining. When Flora first has the idea for them to sacrifice their powers in order to protect the princess, MW does everything in her power to not be a part of it. I don’t blame her though. With a personality like that, magic was probably the only thing that would make people want to be around her. But I digress.

Then, after nearly two decades of not using magic when they had almost beaten Maleficent’s curse Merryweather chooses to strike. It’s only one more day, but that is one day too long for the sprite. The day before the curse is moot, the three ladies all try to do their assigned duties: making a cake, creating a dress, etc without using magic. (I do question why these duties are assigned to these three instead of the King’s kitchen staff or tailors. And after 16 years, how these women couldn’t have figured out how to bake a cake…what did they do that whole time?)

Anyway, when they fail, while not overly excited about it, they all decide it will be ok…everyone except Merryweather. She cajoles the two other fairies to break out their wands to make everything better. This is bad enough, but she then proceeds to get into a magic battle because she wants the dress to be blue. Really? Is it that big a deal? Is it worth it after sacrificing for so long? This selfishness is what leads to the crow finding their location and everything going south. Now, should we let her off the hook because she helps solve the problem that she created by helping Prince Phillip save the day? I don’t think so. At minimum she should have her wand impounded and have a few years of community service…well, maybe just probation then with the 16 years of being an ordinary human being considered time served.


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  1. Ha! Ultimately we have punished her though, because despite Aurora wearing a blue dress in the film, ask any 7-year-old girl what colour her dress is and she’ll say ‘pink’! Thanks to Disney marketing and Cinderella getting first dibs on the blue dress Merryweather loses!

  2. I think she has a bit of a temper which a lot of us relate too. It is true that the idea they would never have cooked, sewn or used their magic in 16 years of raising Aurora is a plothole but it’s no big deal to me.
    I always felt like Merrywether said what everyone else was thinking- more of a realist than unpleasant. Fauna is the contrast as the ever-optimist so they balance each other quite well. I always liked how it is Merrywether who tempers Maleficent’s curse and she shows a softer side in that moment and when Aurora is lying sleeping with the curse she seems to take it especially hard. Quite gut wrenching.

    I guess someone over at Disney must share your opinion because they completely ruined the faeries in the live action Maleficent. Turned them into negligent idiots instead of 3 admittedly one-note characters who helped the story and provided some comic relief. That made me so angry. And they don’t even give Merrywether her moment of tempering the curse. No they have to make her give the ‘gift of not being blue’. So lame! And Fauna doesn’t give a gift at all! Maleficent curses Aurora that she will prick her finger and then sleep. That is the lamest curse to give the child of your enemy I’ve ever heard.

    Gosh I hate that movie….

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