What was Mother Gothel’s Post-Rapunzel Plans?

This question is not such an indictment as others have been but more of something for us all to ponder. Mother Gothel has been alive for hundreds of years. She survived a majority of those years by meticulously gardening a single magic flower. We have to assume that the magic within the flower did most of the heavy-lifting helping it bloom seeing as Gothel kept it under a wicker basket. However, that shouldn’t take anything away from her fortitude and endless watchfulness. But when the palace guards find this plant, ole MG must adapt. And boy does she ever. Her transition from caretaker of the flower to maternal figure of the flower child is nothing less than seamless. Yet, for all her determination, the flower now had something attached to it that could be overcome: a lifespan. As Rapunzel is a human, she will eventually die along with her magical gift and subsequently Mothel Gothel. So was this just something that Gothel accepted? Surely not. Maybe when she would leave for days at a time, she was out looking for another flower? That sounds logical…but what if….

[OK. Here comes the crazy]. We can assume that since the Queen passed on this gift to her daughter that it would be possible for Rapunzel to pass it on to her children, right? Well even if it didn’t turn out to work, it would have been a reasonable enough theory to test. And that being the case, did Mother Gothel miss an opportunity to extend her life indefinitely by pushing Flynn away? Would it have been better for her to try to have it ‘work out’ between Ryder & Rapunzel so that she could potentially harvest her future lifeline? Then she could do some sort of ‘future breeding arrangement’ with their family for generations to come. Well, that got a little dark. No more for tonight.


Image Credit —-> disney.wikia.com


  1. When you asked your initial question (which I’ve never thought of before), my first thought was, “She’d have to breed Rapunzel!” So yes, I think that she did make a mistake in pushing away virile, rugged Flynn. Oh well, she didn’t make the best choices anyway…

  2. I never actually thought about what she would have done when Rapunzel died. This is certainly a good theory towards it. I think she was probably out looking for another flower when she was gone. No way would she have just given up after surving hundreds of years. 🙂

  3. I thought this from the beginning. No doubt about it. Rapunzels power will pass to her children. The only difference that may happen is that her children may or may not still have the enchanted hair. They may be born with just magical tears and blood or they may be born with enchanted hair like Rapunzel was born with. I would honestly love to see a sequel. Though its likely not to happen.

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