Who’s the Brightest of them All?

When the Queen finds out she is not Miss America anymore, she immediately hires some random hunter to off her rival, Snow White. She doesn’t want anyone in the castle to know that it was her who was responsible for killing the beautiful princess and one would assume that a dude with a name like, The Huntsman, would be good at killing. Good plan? Not really. It is a big leap to go from hunting a buck to killing a chick. And, how did she find that guy anyway? Did she ask the mirror? That would make sense as he is her go to for advice… ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I find me someone to kill my step-daughter….y’all.’

Regardless of how he was procured, he obviously wasn’t the right man for the job. But his failure is actually the perfect opportunity for the Queen. With Snow White out of the castle, she could easily finish the job on her own. So does she venture out into the woods and kill the princess stealthily at night? Nope. She contrives an extremely complex plan that involves magic, disguises and poison and has a exponentially higher potential for failure than it does for success. But even with all her planning, she didn’t think of one of the most important parts…the getaway! And to top it all off, she leaves an out too for Snow White with the whole true love’s kiss thing. I really do feel bad for the queen. After this debacle she can’t even comfort herself anymore with the thought ‘Well, at least I am pretty.’


Image Credit –> disney.wikia.com


  1. Keep in mind, this is the same magic mirror that said the fairest woman in the land was a naive 14 year old girl with an annoying voice. It kind of makes sense that he’d give her crappy advice about killing her off, as well.

  2. why did the queen try to kill Snow in the first place? Because she is beautiful- that is it.
    There’s no dispute over the throne, no prince that fancies Snow, no possible political or financial gain can be had from this.
    The queen just wants to be seen as the most beautiful woman ever- in the opinion of one guy in a mirror. Forgetting the implications of that- the queen decides to do this by taking a potion that makes her look different.

    So why not give that to Snow White? Turn her into an old hag? Or take a potion that makes you prettier?

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