Was Belle IN Love?

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask this question. Probably tons of posts out there in the blogosphere with answers galore but honestly I am too lazy to go find them. Plus I have found that those of you that comment on my posts are way smarter than most of the people out there anyway.

So let’s first take a look at the curse. The enchantress states that he had to love someone and earn their love in return. What type of love was required for this curse to be broken? You would hope that if one was going to curse another for the rest of their lives for a small infraction, the least they could do is give some specifics?

Unfortunately she does not, but I am guessing that it wasn’t a family or friend type love that is necessary. Otherwise, why couldn’t he have just figured out how to love Mrs. Potts? Or Lumiere? Just because they are enchanted, did they lose the right to be loved? Of course not. Or maybe the issue here was that none of them loved the Prince? What does that say about the servants in this castle? Maybe they should have all been cursed after all.

And then there is Belle. When she arrives, everyone thinks that she could be the one to break the spell. I don’t think she is the first person there so what besides her beauty makes her more of a option than anyone other visitor? I mean, why couldn’t Maurice fill the role? When he arrived, the Beast didn’t even give him a shot. Locked him up right away. You would think that if you are trying to get someone to fall in love with a beast, someone with a nickname of ‘crazy, ole Maurice’ would be your best bet…but I digress.

The main question here though is not what is needed to break the curse, but what actually did. As Belle weeps over the Beast’s dying body she sobs ‘I love you.’ But what kind of love is it? I could understand the normal kind of brother/sister/friend love. Stockholm Syndrome aside, I could see a closeness forming between those two. And if that was all that was needed, then I should just stop typing. But I think we all agreed that it was something more. So, I ask you, was Belle IN LOVE with the Beast? I mean she kisses him 5 seconds after seeing him as a human…and this ain’t no friend smooch. And if she is, what does it say about a woman who falls in love with a giant monster?


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  1. No question Belle was in love with the Beast, even as the writers leave it up to the audience to imagine what happens between Something There and the titular Beauty and the Beast song. It can be easy to be skeptical of Belle who falls in love with a giant monster, but that’s why the ending had to be the way it was. I don’t think it would have been believable for Belle to realize she loves a monster until she is just about to lose him. She has many legitimate reasons to love who he is inside, as he is the first person to ever care for her dreams and make them come true, and I think that’s why I think the ending is so beautiful–Belle accepts the beast for who he is.

    1. To me that raises a whole host pf other questions. For the most part, he was more animal than man. I am all for looking for inner beauty when that person is a human…I just falter when it is a different species.

  2. Yeah well I’m a bit dubious about a woman who apparently falls in love with an animal – which lets face it he isn’t human for most of the movie. I know the whole beauty is only skin deep thing, but come ON a totally different species?? That said I much prefer him character wise as a beast, his human form was VERY disappointing. So generic and lacking in any personality.

    1. Yeah. I thinj Belle agreed with you. Did you see her face when he turned human? Kinda like ‘Hmmm…I think i liked you better as a beast…but oh well, you’re rich and have a huge library.’

        1. But what does that say about her if true? It’s not clear she knows he used to be a man. No matter how nice he is or caring, he is still a giant animal…you can say it’s the heart that chooses, but her head had to tell her it was wrong…plus she was a prisoner, lest we forget.

  3. I can see that she loves in such a short time–maybe not realized she was in love with him yet. Personally, after spending 3 days with my now husband, I knew I loved him deeply and wanted to do everything I could to remain in his life. It wasn’t until months later that I realized I actually was IN loved him. So I can see that happening for belle. What I want to know is if it’s 10 years later and the Beast was, what, 11 when this happened?! Where were his parents? Was he an only my child? When did all those people (servants?) learn to sing and dance so well, especially as inanimate objects? Why did they never call him by his name? Why did the “witch” curse, what I understand to be, a child who could have been grieving for the loss of his parents, maybe?!

    1. I see your point…however, the situation may have been a bit different for you and your husband. Assuming he did not imprison you and he was human. 😉 I completely agree with your other questions too. I wrote a few posts about them…especially the terrible ‘enchantress!’

        1. They could totally do a sequel where Gaston survived the fall but was horribly disfigured and he has fo find someone to love and earn their love in return…then he becomes attractive again. After all, why doesn’t he get a shot at redemption just because he is not royalty?

  4. There is a beast inside all of us. Lots of guys try to act out their beastly ANGER. But girls often see through the defense mechanism and love the inner caring inside of him. So the witch made him look like his inner beast when he refused to help her. And he had to discover that love inside of him before he could transform back. But it had to be so sincere and convincing that another had to trust his love to the point of mutual love. Belle seen his love and was involve with his tender touch, but she was still leery until he was altruistic, that is he was will to risk death to help her. It is one Walt Disney movie that is more mature in its philosophy. Its an old old story. Disney added tons of animation to entertain us and pad the story.

  5. I don’t think Stockholm syndrome is really to blame here… First of all, Belle didn’t start to warm up to Beast until AFTER he stopped being a dick to her. He had to smooth out his edges and learn to get along with her, meaning that for this love to happen, HE was the one who had to conform. Basically the polar opposite of all those abusive Paranormal Romance love stories.
    Second of all, when he let her leave, she did… She went back home to her father, and if the town wasn’t making plans to kill Beast, there’s no telling whether or not she would have gone back.
    And to address your comment about why he didn’t try to fall in love with anyone else… Well, Belle’s a beautiful young woman, and heterosexual romance is kind of a big thing for Disney. Beast having a relationship with Maurice would NOT fly with their target audience, especially in the nineties.

  6. I’ll keep my answer short. In a word, YES, lol! If you notice, the more the love between Belle and the Beast grows, the more the Beast starts acting and sounding human. She falls for the kind and gentle man the Beast learns to become. Plus, in Belle’s own words, he’s no monster! 😉

      1. 1.) She’s not a prisoner. She’s a guest lol! 2.) It’s not about him being human at that point. It’s about him not acting like a human. 🙂

      2. Belle wasn’t stupid. She was obviously well read and seeking a better life than what she felt could be provided by anyone in the village. Her favorite book was one about prince charming and she even knows that a prince charming may not be obvious at first. Her readings also help her recognize an enchanted castle when she sees one.

        I felt it wasn’t until set went to the west Wing and saw the picture of the prince (puts together the shredded painting) that she decides to give it a chance. Granted he saves her from the wolves she contemplated leaving him before throwing him on the horse. This makes it easier for something to be there.

        For movie lore I think it was love, but I’m my heart of hearts I feel Belle was an opportunistic gold digger. Just my opinion though.

        Sorry for necroing your post.

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