How did that solve the Maleficent problem?

So let me get this straight…an extremely powerful sorceress comes in, places a curse upon your newborn and the best you can come up with is to hide your child away and wait it out? Did they not see how this was probably the worst decision they could have made? OK, let’s say that it works. Let’s say that they aren’t stupid enough to bring Aurora out of hiding the day before the curse ends and she makes it past her 16th year without pricking her finger. What’s to stop Maleficent from visiting again and making another curse? Or even just turning into a dragon and destroying everyone in the castle? Don’t they see they are treating a symptom and not the disease? Why didn’t the King gather his army to mount an offensive during those 16 years when he wasn’t spending time with his daughter? Surely an army with thousands of men aided by the three fairies could have defeated one witch, right? Regardless, even though Maleficent lost in the end, there is no doubt that she got her revenge and then some for being left off the guest list.


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  1. Hey, like you said in your ‘Frozen’ article, dads don’t come with manuals on how to take care of their children and dealing with their problems in the best manner. I guess Stefan actually thought he was doing something good in his state of panic and fear just as Elsa’s father was.

    1. But he didn’t take action though right? He just kind of hunkered down to wait it out…and his daughter paid the price. Yet another example of a dad that just can’t get it right…

  2. I enjoy your sense of humor. Classical literature addresses our dark side or alter ego. Sad to say we hide from our inner monsters and our children do indeed suffer. The real lie of the story is that the princess is released with the first true love’s kiss at sixteen years old. Yah, sure, a sixteen year old knows how to find her prince? And is not the prince and princess just to be another King or Queen with inner monsters. I guess the white horse and chase cleansed them?

    1. Thanks! And I see your point. Meeting a guy while alone in the forest does not lasting love create. Granted she would feel indebted to him for saving her and the kingdom, but that would only last for so long. Until he started leaving the toilet seat up…

  3. Surely sending Aurora away would be the worst thing he could do. Really he should be keeping an eye on her.

    For one thing, the curse was specific to her sixteenth birthday- once that’s over the curse is over. So just keep her in the palace then when she turns sixteen dress her in a suit of armour, chain her to the wall and set hundreds of guards around her. Strange glowing light happens and she feels a sudden desire to go stab herself?
    Well she’ll have her work cut out for her because she’s incapable of movement and has been put into a deep sleep by the fairies (one that will last until after the sunsets on her sixteenth birthday.)

    Instead he packs her off to outside the only spinning wheel free castle in the world with a group of women so incompetent that I wouldn’t be too surprised if they tried to pack a spinning wheel with them when they left.

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