Why didn’t Flynn wait?

I’ve never been stabbed before so I can’t say for certain how I would handle myself in the same situation. However, Flynn is a man who has been in these types of scrapes before…maybe not this dire…but close. So one would think that he would be able to quickly assess the situation and understand how to best exploit the opportunity to better his circumstances. Yet in the time when he needs it most, his mental powers seem to fail him.

As Flynn lies dying on the ground, he makes what many view as a heroic sacrifice when he slices through Rapunzel’s hair to free her. But, why not just wait? Now, I know what you are thinking: Flynn has been selfish his whole life and the one selfless act that he does I am trying to take it away, right? Well….kinda. Why couldn’t he have let Rapunzel heal him and once he was all better, then cut her hair? That just makes sense. That way he wouldn’t have had to roll the dice with and rely on the out-of-nowhere magical tear.

Maybe when Rapunzel dropped him on his face, it broke more than just his smolder…


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  1. Hehehe… Good question. One I’ve asked myself too every time I watch(ed) this movie with the kids. But it would be so much less drama! And in the end we girls need that drama, you know 😉

  2. Because this might be the only opportunity to do it. Plus, he didn’t know what would have happened to Gothel as a result. Had he allowed Rapunzel to heal him, she would have still been bound by her word, and Gothel might have taken Rapunzel with her even without her abilities, just to spite him…never mind that he would still have been bound by his chains and Gothel would have been able to re-kill him without any problems. By cutting the hair before Rapunzel could get her part of the bargain, he ensured that she was free, no matter what.

  3. in the dialogue you can find out that Rapunzel herself may die from doing it – then it’s both to think she will have to follow her “stepmom” but I always saw it as:

    The hair is hers, so everytime she uses it it should somehow have an impact on her. I think she would maybe die if she tried to heal such a big wound. just how I have been seeing it all the time ^-^

    Flynn isn’t a bad guy – he just haven’t found what to be nice for (like love) so his change in character isn’t to suprising in a sociology-perspective.

  4. I agree with swanpride: he probably didn’t know what would happen after. Rapunzel insisted to him at the beginning of the movie that once she makes a promise she would “never ever” break her word.

    There’s also the idea that Gothel might have dragged her away as soon as she healed him, making it impossible for them to have another moment afterwards.

  5. Because Rapunzel is just about to agree to be Gothel’s servant. Cutting the hair was the only way to make that an impossibility. Gothel would have nothing to do with Rapunzel after that thereby freeing her from her clutches.

    1. And Gothel has some serious magic so I don’t think that is something Rapunzel could go back on or find a loophole.

  6. Earlier in the movie, Rapunzel said that she never breaks promises EVER! She promised Gothel at the end, “if she healed Flynn, she would go with Gothel.” SO… If Flynn waited to be healed, then cut the hair, Rapunzel wouldn’t be able to go with Gothel and then the promise would be broken. He cut her hair before she could heal him, so she didn’t heal him and then she didn’t have to with Gothel.

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