Almost 7 Questions about the 7 Dwarfs.

I love these guys. Don’t you? Together they are gruff, sarcastic and silly. Three traits I find awesome. And one of them delivers my favorite Disney line of all time. Snow White asks them ‘How do you do?’ and Grumpy answers: ‘How do you do what?’ But what is really the story with these guys? Are they friends? Are they related? I think when I first watched this movie I assumed the latter was true. Yet, Dopey is like 30 years younger than the other guys. If they were brothers, that is a pretty big age discrepancy. Not unheard of but definitely difficult in a time before modern medicine. And while it is not clear why these guys have chosen to live together, it is clear why none of them is named ‘Accounty’ since they have to work tirelessly, day after day, mining expensive jewels yet can only afford a small shack in the woods.



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  1. Just watched this one yesterday! I am more concerned with the obvious nasal Issue Snowy suffers… but the guys do call each other “brother” wether from familiarity or family who knows…

  2. The seven dwarfs remind me of Walmart workers. They are average americans working hard for the richest store in the world and getting paid barely enough to pay for a humble cottage with no wooded area, but only surrounded by urban crime. The seven dwarfs at least have a quiet place in nature to live. But then the story is an old one, not so modern. But little else has changed.

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