Did Ariel Ever Take a Bath? (pre-human)

This question takes me back to my childhood. Like most boys, I was never really fond of taking baths. I remember actually going a full week without one and I didn’t even bat an eye. I also used to think the act of water coming into contact with my skin was good enough to take care of any visible or invisible dirt that I had interacted with. A bath was equal to a swim, even if that swim was in a pond or lake. Water equaled clean. I have since reformed, but with that as a backdrop, I ask the question that many people have probably asked over the years: do those that live in the sea need to take a shower or bath? And to stay on topic for this blog, did Ariel or any of her merfolk feel the need to bathe? Don’t answer to quickly as there are a few angles in which we should review this query.

In the human world, we take showers for many reasons. Obviously cleanliness helps us remove filth from the world we live in. It removes things that we willingly put on our body like make-up, hair product or sunscreen. It helps us eliminate bacteria and other sickness causing agents that attach themselves to our skin. Outside of sanitary concerns, it also helps us from a social perspective keeping our own personal musk from going to far beyond our skin borders. And of course it feels good to take a shower, right?
So I ask again, do you think that Ariel, while in the ocean, ever took a ‘bath?’  I would assume while flipping her fins, she would surely come into contact with something grimey or slimey. Maybe some small sea bacteria would attach themselves to her while she swam around the reef. But we know that a shower would not be possible due to their complete immersion in the liquid. So, did she have specific brushes to scrape off the barnacles? And soap? How would that work? I guess she could use bar soap but you would think it would be hard to get it to apply itself underwater.
And if she had no concept of this human practice, why was she not completely confused by the bath she receives when she becomes a human. Sure the bubble are interesting, but were bubbles really something new to her? Every time a mermaid moved underwater, thousands of bubbles would appear around them.  Maybe she was just remembering her till-recent former life and hearing Sebastian’s words echo, ‘we got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea.’
Image Credit —-> deviantart.com


  1. I just read all of your posts and was laughing so hard through all of them. I was a fan of Disney moves as a little girl, and love watching them with my children. But as an adult I have many questions about the ‘reality’ of some of the situations – many of the questions you have posed have occurred to me … but there are some real gems I never thought about until now!
    Whether Ariel took a bath is definitely one I’d never thought of, but will spend ages pondering!

  2. Ha! I definitely have never thought of that! Things from the sea smell pretty bad so maybe they are just used to it? It’s like you don’t know you smell like the monkey cage until you are out of said cage.

      1. I wonder how she keeps her hair so perfect. I’m a swimmer and trust me that’s not what salt water does. I have been doing a disney canon project after I tore my MCL. So inventive although now in the dreck of the 2000s.
        I once heard an actor say “only in a bad movie do you notice the craft services table in the shot” that’s really true. We ignore flaws in movies we love but in movies we hate they are so obvious!

        I was thinking of beauty and the beast the other day and the rules of the fairytale make no sense. They’ve been under spell 10 years and yet the spell breaks at 21. So he was rude at 11? Seems a little harsh.

        But the movie is so great you dont care but still funny to ponder.

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