How come only the mice talk?

I’m not going to rule out that she is crazy. There is a strong possibility that our heroine has had ‘one too many hits with the snake.’ I wouldn’t blame her though. She loses her father and immediately becomes enslaved by her step-mother and step-sisters. Her only friends are the wildlife that come in through her open windows and doors. I mean, she wakes up in the morning singing so there has to be something amiss. But it still doesn’t make sense why only Jacques, Gus Gus and the other mice can speak, yet this skill alludes all of the other animals…even Lucifer! Or maybe they can talk and choose not to because she only makes outfits for those little rodents. I mean, Cinderella gets a whole dress meticulously designed by the local aviary residents and what do they get? A handkerchief on the head? I wouldn’t talk to her either…


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  1. I wouldn’t talk to her either. This was a big question I always have whenever I watch movies with talking animals. Some talk, yet some don’t. :/

  2. Yeah, I never understood why only the mice talk, especially when it’s clear all the animals understand Cinderella, lol! It’s like in the Little Mermaid too. Why can’t Max talk but the fish, seagull, and crab can? I guess some animals are more evolved than others lol!

    1. Yeah, I know. It’s funny when I watched these as a kid it seemed to make sense to me why some animals talked and some didn’t…maybe that is why these movies are for kids…and why my wife says I am thinking about them way too much…nah, that couldn’t be right.

  3. You run into this problem whenever you anthropomorphize animals. Think of the classic Disney characters. Pluto vs. Goofy….both are dogs, one acts like a dog and is Micky’s pet and does not speak; the other walks and talks like a normal person. Nobody mentions it and everyone is ok with Pluto being enslaved (which I assume because all other dogs are walking and talking like Goofy).

    1. I just read a really old Golden Book to my daughter tonight that had Mickey trying to raise money to buy an open lot for his nephews to build a playground. When they raise money he works with his friends to raise money…washing cars with Donald…selling baked goods made by Minnie & Daisy…and walking dogs…with GOOFY? WTF? He walks his own kind?

  4. Maybe Cinderella’s father was secretly a mad scientist and had been running genetic experiments on the mice, similar to the Rats of NYMH. One of the experiments went wrong, and that is why he died. He might have started on the birds, but not finished… or Cinderella is a mutant?

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