Didn’t he fall for the wrong sister?

Kristoff and Elsa

I don’t think fans of the movie Frozen are going to like this question but I am going to ask it anyway. Recent Disney movies have trended towards more character development so I typically hold them to a different standard from their predecessors. When you look at most relationships between Disney Princesses and their Beau’s, all have something in common: true love. They also typically have something else in common: the two love birds have no apparent similar interests besides being in love with the other. Sure, most of these movies are quick snapshots into the lives of these characters and usually feature a flurry of activity like fighting dragons, wicked sorcerers or even snow monsters. These characters are so busy trying to stay alive, they don’t have time to share that they enjoy collecting trash from sunken ships or prefer to eat bugs over meat…yet they somehow fall in love. Now, I get that besting a catastrophic occurrence can bond survivors, but I really don’t understand why when Disney had a chance to pair two characters together who were so obviously a good match, they chose instead to fall back to their old ways. So I ask, why didn’t Elsa & Kristoff get together?

To help solidify the validity of my question, I have put together a few proofs that Disney made the wrong coupling. First, Kristoff is a young man that from birth has been connected with ice. Not sure why as a boy he was working as a ice harvester, but it is something that he apparently both enjoys and excels at enough to stay employed in through early adulthood. And this not just a job for him, it’s his passion! He really loves the stuff. When Kristoff first visits Elsa’s ice castle, he is in a state of euphoria. He sighs and says ‘flawless…I’m gonna cry.’ Then when he is told to wait outside by Anna, he replies ‘oh, come on! It’s a palace made of ice. Ice is my life!’ It’s his LIFE. And although she doesn’t say it in the movie, it’s always been Elsa’s life too even though she hasn’t been able to enjoy it until now. I don’t know of two previous Disney love interests that could say they both shared such an identical affinity for a particular thing like these two do. But, they don’t end up sharing a harrowing ordeal, so of course they could never end up being the other’s true love. It does make me wonder though if Anna transforming into ice at the end had anything to do with securing Kristoff’s affection…I guess that would have one upped the ice dress huh?


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  1. Maybe the Kristoff/Anna thing doesn’t last anyway as I’m sure Elsa doesn’t approve if their union either. Otherwise, why would he be appointed to Royal Ice Provider (or whatever – it is TOTALLY a made-up thing, Kristoff knows her game) when you’ve got a queen who can whip up a whole fjord of ice at the snap of her fingers? Either she wants Kristoff out on the icy plains and as far away from the castle as possible for as long as possible (those hours at the start of the film looked long and hard)? Or maybe it’s a euphemism for he and Elsa to have some quality icy time together?
    I don’t think Elsa’s going to like his penchance for picking his nose and eating it though.

  2. I love this! However, as Frozen 2 has been talked about I am wondering if they are keeping open the idea of Elsa being a lesbian. People have been crying for a gay Disney hero for ages and, as Elsa has never shown an interest in men, they could be looking into this idea đŸ˜€ in a way, i kind of hope they do, it would be a lovely breath of fresh air and show how much we are moving forward! We’ve had a black princess which was a brilliant step forward, now lets have a lesbian queen!

  3. I absolutely loved Frozen, but I thought the exact same thing when I first watched it! I thought, this time it will be. As you so nicely points out, they have so many interests in common, and even their way of reacting to things or their world-views seem way more likely to be grounds for a mutual relationship than it does with Anna.

    Really I just write to disprove your initial statement; people who love Frozen will not necessarily dislike you questioning the relationship in which Christoph ends up.

  4. I find it ironic is supposed to be bad for Anna to fall in love with Hans after a few hours, but ok for her to fall in love with Christoph after a night and a day. It would be a good twist in the sequel to have Christoph end up with Elsa. Or, Olaf could be turned into a human.

  5. I’ve debated this one endlessly with friends. It’s even more strange when you look at their personalities: Kristoph is introverted (his friends are also his family and are also trolls. And his BFF is a reindeer.). Elsa is introverted (Even at the start of the film, she’s more interested in sleeping than playing, although that’s a flimsy example). And yet, they never hit it off– Kristoph falls for the extroverted Anna, which is weird.

    Also, Anna and Hans share hair colors. Elsa and Kristoph share hair colors. Therefore, people falling in love is equivalent to hair color. Clearly they were supposed to get together. QED.

    1. That’s a great point. I did read somewhere from the writers that the personality thing was intentional. Kristoff’s introverted-ness needed Anna’s extroverted-ness. Still doesn’t sell me though!

  6. Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. What an interesting point. I probably won’t be sharing that with my little Princess (aged 5) just yet, but its certainly food for thought, Thanks for writing an awesome blog too.

  7. I heard something else interesting about Kristoff. There’s a theory that he’s not an orphan at all. Trolls are prone to kidnapping children in stories. They also demonstrated magic that can change memory. What if the reason he is so obsessed with ice is that it was the last memory he had before was taken away from his parents? I.e his father was one of the ice cutters at the beginning of the movie. Is Kristoff a changeling?

  8. You know that was exactly my thought too…but then I would have preferred it if Hans hadn’t be evil in the first place and Anna nevertheless decided to wait at the end of the movie for other reasons than the clear cut “he is a dick”. It kind of screws the message up. (But then, I would have liked it even more if there hadn’t been romance at all and they had cut both Kristoph and Hans from the movie, making Anna competent enough to look for Elsa herself (what the point of shutting her into the castle anyway? She doesn’t have any ice abilities after all) and concentrating on the sister relationship from the get go.

  9. I always entertained the motion that Kristoff and Elsa would be a great couple because Kristoff can handle ice better than anybody. He can deal with Elsa and appreciate the beauty she always thought was dangerous. I’m beginning to think that if Anna hadn’t thawed out after the film’s climax then they definitely would have gotten together. Maybe they’d find comfort in each other after losing Anna

  10. i thought the exact same thing that you posted that i couldnt help myself to look upon the internet. KRistoff and Elsa are the clear couple. I think they were going for that at first, but the network exec. or somebody made a rash decisiion. Elsa and kristoff are a better, more passionate match. Ana and that evil dude could’ve been together, but they should change the evil dudes character. sighh. it was an amazing movie, but still a big disappointment.

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