Did the knights go AWOL?

I was watching Beauty & the Beast the other day and the scene came on when Cogsworth is taking Belle on the castle tour. You remember it? Down one of the hallways they encounter a dozen or so suits of armor. Cogsy makes a lame joke and then rudely commands these knights to return to their positions. Cut to near the end of the film, when the crazy townspeople led by Gaston march to kill the beast and who is left to defend the castle? The servants?! Where are all those knights? These guys would be nearly unstoppable and could easily route the town’s butcher, baker & candlestick maker yet they are strangely absent from the foray. I don’t blame them though. If I was a knight and a castle servant bossed me around, I would make sure he became cognizant of his error when the time was right.



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Image Credit: @Disney


  1. Lol, I never thought of it. That’d have been an easy battle, but probably not as fun to see.

    My guess is that they wanted to have a little fun and let the other household objects take care of the intruders while they stayed back and laughed at the terror upon the villagers’ faces.

    1. Lumiere did say that they have been rusting for 10 years. You would hope that the soldiers would take more pride in their armor. Thanks for the theory!

  2. Theory 1: They could move their heads, but they couldn’t move from their stands because they’re a form of statue (despite a clock being able to walk around.)
    Theory 2: The knights fought, but it was off screen violence inappropriate for the tone of the film.
    Theory 3: They could fight, but the prince/beast was such a jerk, including causing them to be transformed into statues of armor, that they decided to let him have what was coming to him.

  3. Hi, “Dad”!

    Thanks for liking my own blog and thereby giving me the opportunity to read (and follow) your own efforts… Out-STAND-ing! 😀

    Your observations are absolutely hilarious and — while ever so slightly troubling — they revel in the kind of stuff of which failed Asperger’s Syndrome diagnoses are made! I feel as if I have somehow located a long lost twin brother!

    Please continue to keep up your most entertaining work and — whatever else may happen — please continue to resist taking any of the several medications they may prescribe for you!

    Sincerest best wishes from the other end of the therapist’s waiting room (“Please pass the New Yorker,”)

    Jay Pochapin

    1. And thank you for swinging by and commenting. You are right on…I try to cloak my slight derangement in comedy. And don’t worry, I will resist the meds. Thanks for the support…if we don’t stick together, we will start believing their lies that we are both actually crazy.. 😉

  4. High-larious! I REGULARLY have the same thoughts about Disney movies. Don’t even get me started on the feather-duster (highly flammable) and the always-lit candelabra. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

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