Flounders Keepers?

prince-eric-statueI honestly have questions about nearly everything surrounding Prince Eric’s statue. I’ve never been to a statue unveiling before, but I can tell you the ideal location of said event would be on land, not on a ship. Just the logistics of getting something of that weight on and off a ship would be ridiculous. Not to mention that once placed it would need to stay in the same location for the entire voyage making the surprise element of the gift next to impossible. And I think Grimsby lucked out that Eric didn’t hit it off the Princess of Gloucester, otherwise that would have been one strange wedding gift. ‘To celebrate this happy union, I’ve commissioned a stone statue of just Prince Eric.‘ I bet both his new wife and in-laws would have been a little nonplussed regarding that tribute.

Then after the ship sinks, we are supposed to believe that Flounder, a 9″ long tropical fish, is able to move the 10 ft tall stone effigy underwater and somehow maneuver it through a tiny cave opening to gift it to Ariel? It is preposterous to believe he could achieve such a feat even if the figure were made out of paper mache, let alone carved limestone which is more likely. Unless there is a fish that is yet undiscovered possessing opposable digits for grasping and incredible strength & dexterity, I’m not sure who could of even helped the little guppie with such an undertaking.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons that Triton destroyed the statue, the whole thing didn’t make sense to him either!


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  1. I simply enjoy reading all your blog entries! Being a huge Disney movie fun I indeed find it quite refreshing and entertaining reading your logical thoughts on all the stories :)!
    My theory behind Eric’s statues is that … *drumrolls* They just planned to move the statue somewhere else, no idea where … and therefore they had to transport it via ship, since there was no other usefull mean of transportation at that time. Regarding the question how it get to the cave. Well maybe it was another malefic plan of Ursula and she forced those two creepy creatures – Flotsam and Jetsam – to bring there…
    Just keep it coming! Thanks

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying it. I have been pretty floored by all the positive feedback so far.

      As to your theory, it makes sense. Are you thinking it was commissioned away from the kingdom and they were bringing it back. I like it. I still think it would be a strange wedding present! 😉

    2. I’d thought it was being moved from, I guess, wherever it was carved to wherever it was supposed to be kept.

      Come to think of it the statue seems a little triumphalist for a prince who’s so young and presumably hasn’t done very much with his life yet, isn’t it? Why was it made exactly?

      1. Yeah I agree. Maybe that is why Eric is not too pleased with it when it was unveiled. Also, it would surprise me that he would have it carved in a foreign land and then transported back. Surely they have to have a skilled sculptor in his home country, no?

  2. I so enjoy your posts, Flounder must have had some magic moving abilities, we actually we watching this movie the other day and my youngest said to me (after seeing it I would say 1000 since her birth) – mom how did the statue get there, isn’t it to big for the door….LOL

    1. Thanks for saying that. They are really fun to write! And your kid sounds awesome! My daughter asks the same questions…hers was ‘how does the lipstick stay on under water?’

  3. I never thought about what a weird wedding present it is. But you’re totally right.

    What bugs me is that when Triton destroys it, you watch the face crack into a thousand pieces…but then Flotsam (or Jetsam) flips the entire face over to Ariel later to convince her.

      1. It happens when you watch a movie a thousand times – you remember every frame. =) I was the ideal age for this movie – an impressionable little girl when it came out. I tried to get my parents to let me change my name to Ariel.

  4. Flounder must actually be a bionic fish.
    Also, maybe the princess Erick is supposed to marry isn’t that good looking, so they didn’t make a statue?

    1. So what your saying, if I can be so bold, is that the reason Eric didn’t go for the foreign princess is because she was ugly? And building upon that, simply chose Ariel b/c she was beautiful and had a pretty voice. That is quite an attack on is character, Ms. Palmer. 😉

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