Was there a national dalmatian shortage?

We don’t know a great deal about Ms. De Vil. We know she is extremely wealthy, owns an expensive car and flat and is obsessed with gaudy fur coats. She also went to school with Anita yet somehow appears to have aged at twice the pace of her lovely classmate since then.  Oh, and her favorite color scheme is black and white. That’s about it. Not an extremely developed character to say the least. So, when she becomes obsessed with stealing Pongo & Perdita’s 15 newly born puppies to create a dalmatian skin fur coat, we don’t really know whether or not that is out of character for her. But that’s not my question. What I want to know is, why did this woman who has so much money need to resort to theft to procure a mere 15% of the raw material needed to produce said garment?Cruella De Vil

Some might say that she was already breaking the law having the article produced so what’s the big deal with adding complicity to her list of crimes? But I would say that explanation is barking up the wrong tree. If she had appropriated all of the canines through theft, you might be on the right trail, but she didn’t…only 15 were nicked.  I get that she cleaned out the local pet stores and there was most likely no more dalmatians in the surrounding boroughs, but surely there had to be some more in the next city over…or at least somewhere in England. Sure there was a time crunch to get the softest pelts, but a week or two to order a few more pups couldn’t have been an issue right? Why not have Horace & Jasper to drive a couple hours to a distant pet shop and pick up a few more dogs? But, no. Instead she chooses to hire these two boneheads to burglarize a close acquaintance she had recently had a confrontation with after a failed attempt to purchase their dogs. Is she trying to get spotted by the local police? There seems to be no other pawsable explanation that I can see. (I sincerely apologize for that last dog pun…)


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  1. Very good point. She is obviously not the smartest person or one of those people obsessed with a challenge. Who knows?

  2. maybe that’s part of her character? 🙂 She is so obsessed that she doesn’t do rational judgement for the situation. It’s not a mess to say ‘she is crazy’ – in the end (SPOILER ALERT) she does get a crazy breakdown.
    (sorry for my English)

    1. Your English is fine and it is a good thought. She is reckless & arrogant but she has gotten pretty far in life. There is no doubt she is crazy but crazy doesn’t necessarily mean she would be stupid. And this decision, along with the one to hire Jasper & Horace, are just plain stupid. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I think it’s a revenge thing on Roger for his standing up to her the night the puppies are born. I agree with you – she should be able to acquire enough dogs. (In fact, isn’t 84 enough?) (That being said, wouldn’t it make more sense to let them get bigger, and then you could use fewer dogs?) But I think she goes after them to pay Roger and Anita back for not giving her what she wanted. She’s obviously nuts. (And yeah, definitely twice Anita’s age.)

    1. I hear you. How big is this coat? Even accounting for a few screw ups in the skinning process (sorry for that sad visual) 84 should be plenty. Unless she was going to make a matching vest & boots combo…

      1. Apparently she hired Jasper and Horace to do the skinning in addition to the burgling. So yeah, I’m going to guess there will be at least a few screw ups in that process.

        1. And that raises more questions. Why them to prepare? They had no experience in that. And who was going to make the coat even if she did get it prepared correctly?!?

    2. That’s the original plan…waiting I mean. It is only when the police in sniffing around that she decides to let them kill immediately, even though it would mean “only six coats” for her. It’s the only reason the puppies are still alive when Pongo and Perdita show up (that and a TV show and a heroic cat).
      I agree, she steals them out of petty revenge.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with innocence. She needed the puppies to rejuvenate her disintegrating physical form. Time was of the essence. Youth was required. Without the very young puppies to make the coat, she would simply turn to dust and disappear. It’s a wicked witch thing.

  5. Hahaha, you have some valid questions, but you really do think too much, about some odd things! However, I can completely imagine what immersement in kiddie movies could do to the wandering mind 🙂

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