Why is Mrs. Potts so shady?

So let’s not pull any punches here: I think that Mrs. Potts may be the shadiest character in all of the Disney movies. And I don’t make the statement lightly, especially after the true hospitality she shows Belle post-imprisonment. I think there are many good qualities to her that are evident throughout the movie and its midquel, however, it is the unspoken aspects of this castle matron that give me pause.

Mrs. Pots, Chip & Maurice

Let’s take a look at the enigma that is the young boy/cup named Chip. He calls Mrs. Potts momma throughout the film so we have to assume that she is his mother. If this is a biological relationship, many questions spring to my mind. (This is actually a question that many others have asked as well.) After the curse is broken, this boy is in single digits while Mrs. Potts is clearly well into her late-fifties or early sixties. I am not and ageist but even in the world of medicine today, that is not extremely safe let alone the 1,700’s which they inhabit. Plus, if Chip is under 10 years old AND the curse did not stop time PLUS they have all been household items for nearly 10 years…then Mrs. Potts had to both conceive and give birth to Chip while as a tea kettle. Obviously this is not possible for ordinary tea kettles, but I won’t even speculate if it is or isn’t for an enchanted one. And as to Chip’s father, this is one secret that Mrs. P. refuses to blow the whistle on. Why? What does she have to hide here?

mrspots-kidsBut all that seems highly unlikely. It is somewhat better if you think that Chip is an orphan or adopted child as this seems to fit more into the good Mrs. Potts that I want to believe in. And this seems copacetic until the scene when Chip doesn’t want to go to bed. Mrs. Potts chides him saying that he needs to get into the cupboard with his brothers and sisters…and there are at least 6 other cups in there!?! Where did all of those kids come from? And if they are Chip’s siblings, then Mrs. P. is their mother as well. Highly unlikely that she is running an orphanage on a castle housekeeper’s salary, so what is she doing with all of these kids? But the part that scares me the most is after the curse is broken, the other brothers and sisters are no where to be seen in the ballroom, only Chip. I don’t know where she is hiding all of these kids or why but all I can say is something shady is brewing with this lady.

So on a Scale of 1 – Shady…where do you think Mrs. P. ranks?


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  1. As a child these questions went through my head. First is that she could have adopted him. Second is that her hair could have simply greyed early. Both my mother’s and aunt’s hair started greying early. My mother’s hair was grey before 25yrs old and my aunt’s before she was 20yrs.

    Also, If Mrs. Potts really did adopt Chip as her own then it’s also possible she took in all the other children as well which would make them family. Also, in those days, there would have been lots of children (orphans or not) that would have been sent to the palace for work (room and board, not slave labor!). The matron would have become like a surrogate mother and the children like siblings.

    For the second part about getting into the cupboard; it doesn’t really bother me. At the time they are cups and cups go in cupboards where, for them, it is a place of safety which is why they are put there in the first place. Why is it any different than a bedroom because there’s no bed? . . they’re cups.

    1. Nice. Some plausible explanations there….however, if he is indeed an orphan, he was born and abandoned during the curse. (He is around 7 and they have all been cursed for 10 years. Time isn’t frozen b/c the rose is going to bloom until the Beast turns 21.) I definitely don’t mind them being in the cupboard as cups, I just hope they aren’t still in there after the curse is broken. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I do find your thoughts very interesting. I and my family have been reared on Disney all the way through to adulthood and still love them. We have had our own discussions and nit-picky commentary that usually leads to awesome giggle fits.

  2. This was too funny! I thought the age difference was quite strange but never really thought about it too much. Never looking at this movie the same again! Ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing

    1. Glad you liked it! I obviously think about this stuff way too much. Keeps me sane I guess watching them over and over with my kids. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I always figured the enchanted people did not age during the ten years – only the rose showed the wear of time.
    Still can’t explain the age gap.

    1. But how does that work for the Prince? In the opening scene it says that the rose she gave him would bloom until his 21st year…that points to the passage of time and aging for at least the prince. Making him roughly 11 when the curse happens…

  4. The thing that always upset me was that Chip just never aged, regardless of how long the curse lasted he definitely should have aged in the mean time…

  5. I must say, I agree with jachwi on this question. But for me, as a child these things just went over my head. My answer on the fly would be “it’s Disney magic. Anything is possible.” But in this case, I don’t think that’s gonna fly ;). When you absolutely love something, you’re gonna fight with it. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I think that Mrs. Potts is simply a mother figure in the lives of the children. And in terms of Chip’s age, well his name is Chip. And he had a chip in him as a cup. So, to name him based on that (let’s face it. You just don’t name your kid Chip as his full name. Maybe as a nickname, but not a full name), he could have grown up as a cup. And as for Prince Adam, I believe Belle wasn’t even in her twenties when they hooked up.

    1. It’s always important to fight for what you love! Yeah, I don’t even go into the names of the enchanted. They are too convenient…Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts. Now that is Disney magic!

  6. Okay, you’ve got my imagination spinning. Here is a darker twist to your shady Mrs. Potts. Belle showed up, and she looked to be the proper age and qualifications to break the spell. What if there were others in the past that had come to the castle that could not in any way, shape, or form, break the spell? Would they have been enchanted into furnishings or dinnerware? I say, yes. Now, if Mrs. Potts was a true and devoted servant to the prince, she would want to do anything that she could to save him. If the enchantress came back, would she barter a certain number of children for the prince? I do believe that shady Mrs. Potts would, in fact, do such a thing. Why are all of the cups locked in the cupboard? For safe keeping, of course.
    Mrs. Potts’ twisted sense of loyalty and justice nearly doomed an entire cupboard full of enchanted children. If it were not for Belle’s amazing book-smarts, Chip and his “brothers and sisters” would have fallen under the Potts shadow, never to enjoy tea again.

    1. I have always wondered if others visited the castle. Based on the Beast’s response to Maurice, it seems that people have come there to ‘stare at the beast’ before. I like that if it didn’t work out, they became enchanted items. Keep it coming man!

  7. This is a bit off-topic, but I was discussing this post with a woman from my parenting group a little while ago when she asked, “What is up with the number of spoons in the castle?” (I’m thinking of the ‘Be Our Guest’ song with all the dancing silverware.) “Could they really ALL have been servants? How many servants does a castle need?”

    My thought on that? — The kitchen probably had a lot of vermin. Mice or cockroaches or something like that. I mean, after all, the dog became a footstool, right?

    Bon appetite. đŸ˜‰

    1. No, because look at the relationship between him and Mrs Potts. He follows her around and treats her like his mother- the other cups are barely mentioned!

      I think that Chip is Mrs Potts son and the others are just other kids who would have been hanging around in a castle- scullery maids and errand boys ect. The ‘brothers and sisters’ comment is just because they’re all cups.

      1. I agree with one exception – I think it is likely that Chip is actually Mrs. Potts grandson and that his mother died in childbirth.

  8. Every time I Watch Beauty and the Beast I wonder about Mrs.Potts…..I kinda joked around that maybe Bells father is Chips dad but then It creeped me out so…..yeah!

  9. Hahaha after watching it again this morning I questioned for the first time “just how old was Mrs Potts when she had Chip anyway?”. Your take on it certainly made me giggle!

  10. I also believe the ‘children’ could be sent to the palace for work and Mrs Potts is their designated carer while working there. Also Mrs Potts could have been married with children but maybe she is widowed and chip’s grandmother. Maybe chips parents died or work at different places so leaving him with grandma would be better.

    In terms of him being born while the curse was active, could it have been a shorter time than 10 years. If they were cursed for 10 years that means the prince was 11 answering his own door? (He didn’t look 11 in the windows)
    When lumiere sings ’10 years we’ve been rusting needing so much more than dusting’ could that just be a metaphor that 10 years ago is when the royal family stopped allowing guests to arrive. Maybe because it was when the king and queen died and the prince became hostile towards others trying to ‘care’ or ‘take charge’ on his behalf. So the lyrics are still right just that the curse wasn’t created until years after the time the castle closed its doors?

    Just my thoughts

  11. I think time passed, but not for the servants, so I think Chip was that age when he went under the curse. I think Mrs. Potts could be his adopted mother and the other children are her older bio kids, that is why you don’t see them at the end because they are all like teenagers and are like…Whatevah!!! When she said ‘Let’s go out and see what’s happening? No, they are too busy complaining about how life was SO much better as a teacup and how it is SO UNFAIR!!!! That they have stupid human bodies now and it is all their mums fault!

    Only Chip…poor little boy, emotionally reliant on his adoptive mother because she is the only love he has had in his short life, since he was sent as apprentice to the Castle after his parents died. What else could Mrs. Potts do but adopt him? Y’alls being hard on her Yo!


  12. I know I’m a bit late to this post but major LOLS! My daughter and I just finished watching BaTB and were also disturbed by Mrs Potts and her dubious role as Chip’s birth mom. Googled it and came along this post. Almost wet ourselves laughing reading this! We asked and you answered!

  13. Maybe the Castle uses children for slave labor and she keeps them all in line as a maternal figurehead…

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