Dalmatian Defamation?

It was such a heartwarming scene at the end of 101 Dalmations when Roger & Anita decided to keep all of the dogs and buy a huge house in the country…until you really stop and think about it. The first obvious question is the ongoing costs for 101 dogs. According 101-dalmatiansto DalmationRescue.com it’s roughly $700 annually for feeding and veterinary care for just one dalmatian. So for all 101 dogs, that’s over $70,000 a year! A serious commitment no doubt, and not one to be made as flippantly as Roger does. But no worries because Roger and Anita are living high on the horse after his smash hit song entitled, Cruella De Vil. They have plenty of money coming in now to both care for the dogs and splurge on a new large house in the country. Not a care in the world. And why should they have any, right? I mean, he only wrote a song about a wealthy person that he names specifically, first and last name, and says some of the most slanderous things like: ‘at first you think Cruella is a devil’ or ‘this vampire bat, this inhuman beast, she ought to be locked up and never released.’ Listen, I’m no lawyer but this case looks pretty black & white to me. Even if Roger did know all the shenanigans that she got into with his dogs, which he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have a legal right to compose a song like that and not be subject to a defamation lawsuit. Even if he ended up winning, Cruella surely has the means to drag the case on indefinitely with appeals & motions until all of Roger & Anita’s windfall earnings are gone. With the threat of possible legal action, that definitely changes the whole house in the country and $70k annual pet care costs discussion. If I were him, I would give a little more time & consideration to my circumstances before I jumped into any sort of long term commitment with these dogs. To me that’s just common sense 101.


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Image Credit: thedisneyproject.wordpress.com


  1. Note to self: don’t buy even one Dalmatian…..ever. Great post and I could totally see Cruella filing suit for the song. I mean, she is an inhuman beast!

    1. I would file suit if someone wrote a song like that about me! Especially if they were making gobs of money on it. Maybe instead of suing them for money, she would be willing to settle for a few Dalmatians..

  2. Specifically, I’d file a complaint for commercial appropriation of identity or likeness. Roger clearly gained a profit from using Cruella’s name and she got nothing!

  3. This was a fun read! I always wondered about the costs of such dog ownership. I wouldn’t have guessed in the neighborhood of $70K. That blows me away. Perhaps his next hit should concentrate on a pop star gone wild. He’d clean up on the royalties, for sure! đŸ˜‰

  4. Lol, fun blog! Thanks for coming to visit mine. Not to be indelicate but I always wondered how they cleaned up and disposed of all that poop ☺?

    1. That’s a good point….it can’t be used as fertilizer so I have no idea what they would do with it. Thanks for the comment! Keep up the good posts on your blog too!

      1. Don’t you know? That’s how they paid off Cruella to not sue them, they sent her all the poop and told her to make a coat out of that instead XD

  5. I’m kind of surprised she never wound up in jail for trying to kill and skin 99 dogs, but I guess they didn’t really have iPhones for capturing evidence of that sort of thing back in the day. Or if they would have arrested someone in her standing for something like that in the first place back then. Honestly, the thought that an entire Disney movie was written around the idea that a woman was planning to skin 99 dogs in the first place is pretty disturbing.

    1. I agree…that is a pretty morbid concept…even for Disney.

      The weirdest thing is why it was so difficult for a rich person to find 101 dogs that would make her result to thievery.

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. To be fair, they tried to fix up that little oversight in the live-action remake. Cruella does indeed go to jail at the end along with all of her accomplices. Releasing her in the second movie due to having believed she had been mentally cured was a bit of stretch though. Seriously, all it took was for the right tune to knock her back into her crazy mentality. Pretty poor research there, Doc, not experimenting to make sure there weren’t any cures to the hypnosis just lying about.

  6. I’m just about to post my entry about watching 101 Dalmatians with my toddler – I hope it’s all right if I link back to this post! (if not, let me know ASAP and I’ll unlink it.) Thank you!

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