Why did she choose glass?

Now this just makes no sense to me. Absolutely no sense. I mean, I’m a dad so I don’t have much experience with wearing female footwear, but even I know that shoes made out of glass are an absolutely terrible proposition. And not just shoes; heels! Which according to my wife are horrible when they aren’t made out of a completely unmalleable material.  Cinderella-disneyscreencapsAnd Ms. Cinderella doesn’t just have to walk in these, she has to dance for hours followed by a little light running. She spends at least 5-6 hours in these things. Was this the Fairy Godmother’s first day on the job? There are few materials that could have been chosen more uncomfortable to wear than glass. I guess it does make the whole idea a little more plausible that Prince Charming would be able to find Cinderella with the heel left behind. He would just have to look for a girl who’s feet were bloody & bruised and who most likely won’t be able to stand up for the next 1 to 2 weeks.


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Image Credit: disney.wikia.com



    1. I can see that angle. She makes mice into horses and pumpkins into carriages. She definitely thinks out of the box. Who knows, maybe the heels included some super soft magic gel insoles….

  1. I like that angle, but the glass slipper is supposed to be symbolism, I think, and glass means purity. Cinderella is pure of heart, so the slipper leads to her. I don’t know, that’s my theory. 🙂
    I do agree, though, that glass would be terribly inconvenient.

  2. Charles Perrault’s version of Cinderella had fur slippers, and the wicked step-sisters cutting off a toe and a heel, respectively, to fit their foot inside the slipper.
    For Disney’s version, I see this a strictly a design choice by the fairy godmother to create glass slippers. The glass slippers are slightly blue. Cinderella’s dress is blue. It fits the motif of the fairy godmother (notice she wears blue, too). Cinderella’s own dress was pink. Surprisingly, she made not a peep when her colors were not noticed by her fairy godmother. And you would think that she would arrive at the ball smelling like pumpkin pie – no wonder the prince took a liking to her.
    So what is the moral of this fable? Whoever has the power makes the rules and chooses the color. If the Sleeping Beauty fairies had been involved, we would have seen different color choices, and probably more comfortable footwear.

    1. Thanks for the great response, Tarl! I missed the part that her dress was pink. The Fairy God Mother dropped the ball in more ways than one. At times I think she was either senile or showing off. Either way, she is lucky it worked out in the end for Cinderella.

      1. Cinderella’s plucky attitude and unwavering determination to do what was required … strike that …
        The unwavering determination of two bumbling mice and a senile dog saved the day. You know, that story could have gone very, very badly if they had not been so set on the happily ever after ending.

        1. Yeah, the more you look at Cinderella’s actions the more you see that she basically let life happen to her. Sure he had a bad go of it, but she has to have rodents and magical creatures make change happen for her. Not much of a role model…

  3. My understanding is that it is a miss translation. That in French it was ermine slippers but was miss translated into glass in the English version of the original tale.

  4. The original Cinderella story had her wearing fur shoes. But the story was in French and the French word for fur is very similair to their word for glass. So it got mistranslated and the rest is history.

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