What’s Scar’s Deal?

Is Scar his real name or a nickname? I know he’s got a scar on his face but I don’t know when/where he got it. I wonder if he was born with it and his parents gave him the name. If so, I think he is completely justified in becoming a passive aggressive jerk. If my parents gave me a name based on a a facial deformity I might have turned out a little differently myself. Or maybe he got it later in life in a fight and then someone gave him a bad ass nickname that just stuck. If that’s the case he should have been sitting pretty. Tons of lionesses…and chicks dig guys with scars & accents.



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Image Credit: disney.wikia.com


  1. I’ve just ambled over to your blog after you liked a post on mine, and lo and behold, I have discovered something fabulous. It takes a lot for me to want to read on, but your writing is so humorous, it’s impossible not to. I love it. I will be following, and I’m looking forward to more. This is so original too, I’ve never read anything like it, but you’re 100% on the money! I’ve always wondered what Aunt Sarah’s problem was in The Lady and the Tramp, and her terrible twosome of cats too…

    1. That’s very nice of you to say. Really appreciate it. Glad you are enjoying my crazy thoughts. I definitely need to get Lady & the Tramp and give it another watch. Been a while…sure there are some good things there.

  2. His name was Taka (Swahili for garbage. Nice jobs to those parents.) And he got the scar from an accident involving Mufasa and a wildebeest. He demanded to be called Scar afterward because he’s such a drama queen.

      1. Very cool! Good luck. I had so much fun writing this blog. Lots of fun people out there who want to discuss this stuff. Thanks for all your likes and comments on my posts as well!

        1. No problem! đŸ™‚ I enjoyed your blog, and I still like going back and reading them sometimes. A few have broken my brain just trying to wrap my head around them, but you honestly brought up just about every little question I had about a disney movie.

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