Is the Sultan Good at Anything?

I think we can all agree that the Sultan just might be the worst father ever. It’s obvious that he is a terrible judge of character (ie. Top Advisor = Jafar), but did you notice how quickly he gives away his daughter to a complete stranger? Granted he has been frustrated by her inability to choose a mate thus far yet does that make his decision any less terrible? I mean, a guy comes in on an elephant from who knows where and he is ready to pawn off his daughter for a magic carpet ride? Come on man!


And Jafar is the one who questions Prince Ali’s credentials…of course he had ulterior motives but shouldn’t Jasmine’s father be the one doing the detective work? Who knows who this ‘prince’ really is after all…he could not be a prince at all…he could be a homeless guy pulling off an elaborate hoax with the help of a half naked blue man…far stranger things have happened right? For shame Sultan. Maybe Allah should have forbid you should have any daughters. Sheesh.

And don’t get me started on having a full grown tiger as a pet. Why don’t we ask Roy how that worked out? Too soon?


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  1. Oh man, I’m cracking up over here! These are all great posts with great points! My daughter isn’t at the Disney movie stage yet (only 5 months old), but when the time comes, I’ll be analyzing each and every one!

    Keep up the great analyses!

  2. The sultan appears to have been born to rule. Was he the only son of his parents? Or was not the crown prince? He certainly does not have the physique, nor the experience, to rule wisely and well. He is a peacetime ruler who has only known peace, and so he lives vicariously through Jafar and Jasmine. Jasmine, however, appears to have more of her mother’s attributes (eyebrows and nose particularly), and she does not want to live out her father’s life inside the palace walls. It is a toss-up which one (Jasmine or Sultan) is more desirous of adventure. I would tend to guess that the Sultan wants the safe kind of adventure – he looks a little bit soft – so when Prince Ali shows up with an elephant in a vest and fez (fezzes are cool), he immediately sees an adventure that is well within his paunchy abilities to enjoy. As far as promising his daughter’s hand…I would imagine that Jasmine’s mother did most of the ruling before her untimely demise. Father did not assume the reins of the kingdom well, and has not guided the people to peace and prosperity. Sultan is rather the useful idiot for the iron fist of greedy Jafar and his palace thugs.

  3. I think this one is pretty embedded in the context of the time period. The sultan needs to marry his daughter off so that he can have a male heir, so his desperation is pretty fitting for the time period. He’s actually pretty progressive in that he’s letting Jasmine make the decision, normally she would just be married off to the guy who offered the most money for her.

    1. Yeah, but if you go down that path, he is being a horrible Sultan. The rules of royal unions have been used for centuries to provide much needed allies for protection from enemies. By marrying to an orphan, he most likely turned all the countries that presented suitors that were turned down against him. I have a feeling that this decision, while progressive, would end up costing him the kingdom. Thanks for the comment!

  4. While some of the sultan’s choices are not the wisest, you can clearly see in this movie that he’s a bumbling idiot. Plus, Jafar does curse him for part of the movie. Oh, and by the way, if you want a laugh you should watch the one part of the movie where Jasmine goes to talk to Jafar (the part where he says Aladdin is dead) right before that, when Iago gets stuck in the secret doorway and Jafar gives him a good kick. It’s quite funny, at least to me. I can watch that scene a couple times in a row. XD

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