Won’t Get Tangled Up in Frozen?

I’m sure by now you’ve seen that both Eugene (aka Flynn) & Rapunzel (from Tangled) visited the Kingdom of Arendelle for Elsa’s Coronation in the movie Frozen. The same coronation in which Elsa freaks out and freezes the whole kingdom trapping all the guests until she returns to fix everything.


I realize this is a little ‘easter egg’ that Disney added for fun but two things strike me as a little funny with this short, unassuming entrance. The first is that Rapunzel isn’t wearing her crown or even a very princess-y dress. We all know that Rapunzel is not one to flout her princess status, but when visiting a foreign kingdom for a royal event, a ball gown & crown should be customary, right? At least Eugene has something on that appears a little more formal than usual. And secondly, they are simply walking in with the masses. Even if they were the most unassuming royalty in all the Kingdoms, Elsa’s staff must have dropped the ball by not announcing The Fitzherbert’s entrance (do you think she took his last name?)…I mean, that’s what you do for royalty, right? They get announced everywhere they go. But that’s not what really gets my snow-goat about this situation.

During the whole Frozen crisis, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is placed in charge and is seen passing out blankets and food to keep everyone safe while Anna goes alone to the mountains on the search for the queen. But where are Eugene and Rapunzel? I find it hard to believe that they would sail all the way to this event and leave before the party was even in full swing. Which is when they would have had to leave in order to get out before Elsa goes all ice-happy and freezes the kingdom. Granted, you don’t see them anywhere at either the actual Coronation ceremony or the after party, but I refuse to believe that they are such horrible guests to leave that early. They had to have stayed…so what the crap are they doing this whole time? Why aren’t they helping Prince Hans? We’ve seen the way that Rapunzel is with the people in her kingdom, but she doesn’t want to lift a finger to help another that’s in trouble? I do concede that this situation is a lot bigger than a mean step-mom kidnapper or twins that are bent on revenge, so they may have felt a little out of their league. But if Elsa & Anna’s parent’s died on the way to Eugene & Rapunzel’s wedding (see theory here), don’t you think that they owe it to them to help? I do…what about you?


More to come…. @dadsquestions

Image Credit: Hypable.com


  1. I like the idea that these movies may be connected and would be really happy if they continued to deliver on the idea. Perhaps an opportunity for more than fan speculation, but full-on fan fiction weaving the tapestry a little tighter?

    1. I do too. I would definitely watch it. They are kind of doing it now with the show Once Upon a Time…obviously a different take. I would like to see an animated one…they could probably do more with it. Thanks for the comment & reblog!

  2. You said it yourself. They’re mainly in there as an “Easter egg.” Maybe, we need to look harder for them in the scenes they might be in. And, as you said, since they are royalty, they could have spent a lot of time in the castle as guests of honor during the freeze. We also follow Ana out of the castle as they are going in. Someone might have announced their arrival when Ana was too far away to hear. She ended up having to rush off for the coronation after talking to Hans, after all.

      1. Ooh good point!

        I had a question for you–do you have a crackpot theory as to why many Disney villains have British accents? ( evil stepmothers, Scar, Jafar, etc.?) Maybe they all studied abroad in England and picked up their evil habits abroad? Would love your thoughts on this matter…

  3. This still has no answer even with a full Tangle TV show and a second Frozen movie. (But other theories like Tarzan and Little Mermaid did get answered)

    After the TV show, Rapunzel and Eugene may be inclined to help while Arendelle was frozen.

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